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Your are looking for a courier or messenger-service in Munich or Bavaria? You just found it!

You'll find detailed information about our services and also the persons behind the company and our company philosophy.

Not all of our pages are fully translated to English yet. We are working constantly to change that.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy hearing from you.

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Fast in the city and environment friendly - our new bike-messenger-service.


System-Logistik - more than 27 years of experience in courier-services, messenger-services, delivery-services and cooled-goods-transportation

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08.06.15 - System-Logistik ist Lieferpartner von Obstgenuss

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26.09.13 - Langjährige Mitarbeiterin Uschy Schwarz geht in den Ruhestand

Unsere langjährige Mitarbeiterin Uschy Schwarz verlässt zum 26.09.2013 unser Unternehmen und geht...